Design and Consultancy

We truly care about how you’re going to live in your home for the months and years after our work is done.  That is the reason we have our Design & Consultancy service, so we can ensure you get everything you want and need for your new home or project.  Our designs not only cover Home Tech, but everything else that can interact with home tech, meaning you’ll have the most comprehensive and integrated solution possible.


Helping our clients since 2005

Beware of cheap imitations, we’ve been helping our clients since the advent of Smart Home Technology, all the way back in 2005, just as our industry really started to kick off.  Nothing in life is free, this is especially true of anything of true value.  Our Design & Consultancy Service is something our clients value and rely on.


Complete Design Liaison

Within our Design & Consultancy service we offer Project and Contractor Management, Contractor Selection, Contractor Liaison, Electrical Design, Renewable Energy Systems Design, Home Battery Back-up Design, Lighting Design, Home Technology Design, WiFi and Data Design, Landscape Lighting and Technology Design, Security, Fire & Access Design.


Our Design and Consultancy Services Include

Our Design Service is perfect for:

Our Design and Consult Service is perfect for clients or project managers who need help with the Design, Management and/or Quality Control of a project.  The service has multiple benefits, but if we had to boil them all down to a single sentence it would be this “Our Design & Consultancy clients maximise their benefit from our 12 year plus, industry experience”


Working Successfully with Clients, Architects and Project Managers since 2005.


Living Home Technology