Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers are designed to reproduce sound as accurately as possible. Whether it's hi-fi, home theatre or custom installation, the audio performance of any Bowers & Wilkins loudspeaker is best in class.

Custom Installation Series

The Custom Installation range features a wide variety of loudspeakers, all with one thing in common - they can be made virtually invisible. Perfect for when you want to hear fantastic sound, but not see great speakers.


For some people, the mere sight of a speaker, no matter how well designed, is enough to cause palpitations. It's for precisely this clientele that we have pursued the notion of custom installation loudspeakers, which can be carefully hidden into walls or ceilings and, where necessary, disguised to be as hard-to-detect as possible. CI 800 brings the performance levels and technology associated with our 800 Series Diamond loudspeakers to CI for the first time. CI 700 is all about pristine audio, while taking up minimal space. CI 600 sound amazing, too, but are more affordable, while CI 300 delivers high-performance audio to those hard to reach places. The Weatherproof range allows you to take your music outdoors, into the sauna, or even onto the sea.


Bowers & Wilkins Superb CT700 Range

Imagine blasting into the Death Star with Luke Skywalker. Riding shotgun through the streets of San Francisco with Steve McQueen. Feeling Lauren Bacall’s breath on your cheek. The most thrilling cinema experiences are the ones when you feel like you’re actually there, right in the heart of the action. That’s exactly what happens with a CT700 system.

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